Sunday, December 30, 2007

Anyone look at this anymore? hehe, if you do and want to help me get an online update on everyone, please email me at :

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcoming tea date/time

Monday, August 13, 2007 at 12:00 noon - 2:00pm, upper danner hall.

Blog admins, please be on notice... your help may be needed and I will be out of town that week.

Monday, July 02, 2007


Sarah got married on July 1, 2007!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

They're Back!

I have access to my questions now. If anyone would like them, send a reqest to Thanks to all you who emailed me.(I take my boards the 27th!) Good luck to all of you.

Monday, June 11, 2007

HELP-NCLEX Questions!

Hey there, would somebody that I emailed the NCLEX practice questions to please email them to my husbands email address?? My computer has major issues and I can't get to them after all of that :) AGH!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Congratulations! Now the NCLEX......

Your pinning ceremony was awesome, It made me tear up! You all did it, I am so proud of you all, congratulations. I took a bunch of pics too.

A word of advice,
try to take your NCLEX within a week or 2 of your review courses. Trust me. You really can't study for the NCLEX. You will see what I mean when you take it. The questions are really straight forward and easy to understand, it is the choices that are a little odd. Don't let that make you nervous though, I thought it was great and was bummed when it shut off. The tests that you have been getting the whole time throughout the program are harder than the NCLEX.
Remember that they are only testing you on entry level nursing, basic safety. It does not go very deep. A peds Q may not really be a peds Q. They may just be testing how you prioritize, or how you might critically think. They may throw in some diseases or meds you have never heard of in your life but they are not really checking out how much you know about the name they threw at you, they may be just checking out your ABCs or thoughts about how to keep someone safe.
Statistically speaking, the longer you wait the more freaked out you will get and the more basic info you will forget and you will put yourself at a higher risk of not passing.
The Davis NCLEX Qs on the CD are as about as close as you can get to how the NCLEX really looks. Practice enough to get comfortable with taking NCLEX tests on a computer if you have not been doing that already and then go for it.
It is normal to walk out of there feeling like you failed. The test is designed to make you feel
that way. That is actually a good sign. Most of us knew the results in a few days.

I took mine in SF. I stayed at the same motel that I stayed in for the NCLEX review. I took my husband and we went for a few days. We made a deal out of it. My rationing was, that no matter what, I am going to have a good time and reward myself and him for all of the stress caused by the program. We went a day early to find the testing site, ( at the bottom of Coit Tower) and to relax. The beach was 2 blocks from the motel. I walked on it the night before, saw the moon reflected on the water, heard the sounds of the water and birds, smelled the beachy smells and stored it all up in my memory in case I needed a place during the exam to mentally retreat to.

After the test we had a really good time in SF doing or not doing whatever we wanted to do. It was great! I highly recommend it.

If you have any Qs you can email me at
Good Luck. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



ATI Scores are up @ their site!

Woot woot!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

3 DAYS !!

3 days....DAYS ???? Then what are we suppose to do with ourselves ?? :)
I just wanted to say congratulations to everyone and to say "thank you" for being the people that you are. Throughout the program we have kind of compared ourselves to other classess and I wanted to say thank you for being a class that I've been proud to be a part of. Some of you I haven't had rotations/classes with, but I know your face, and even a few names, and I'm honored to be associated with you. 3 DAYS ?! I can hardly believe it. I wish the best of life for all of us. WAY TO GO EVERYBODY!! 2007--simply the best!
(BTW-Wal-mart has "class of 2007" flip-flops... uh huh, I know you want some!)

Monday, May 14, 2007


You won't hear from the board until you schedule your exam, which happens after they recieve final transcripts when semester ends. Wait for a few days after finals and go to the pearson view website and register. You will then recieve an email, which is your authorization to test. But don't bother waiting for mail from the board or you will wait forever. It is frustrating not knowing if you did everthing right, but nobody from our class heard from them. You can check you IP status on the state board web site, some show up as early as the day after finals. Good Luck to everyone.


Ok, this may be a very dumb question,... but I didn't go to any other capping/pinning so I don't have a clue. So, do we come with our caps already attached to our heads, or is that part of the ceremony?? How far back are we suppose to wear these ??(since some of us have large heads and are going to have to use a bazillion hair pins anyway)
My third question, I'm giving the nursing pledge, do I just stand up give the pledge & sit down? Do people repeat it with me? I don't know these major important things!!!!! Somebody have mercy on me & give me a clue.... I may start hearing voices with Lynn :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Come join us for Rootbeer Floats at the SNA meeting!!

Did you ask when and where???

Monday, May 14, 2007 @ 1:00pm in Locke 314
(It's the last meeting of the semester)

There will be lots of info from our Special Guest Speakers:

Rocky La Jeunesse, Guidance and Counseling
Topic: Requirements for Transfer (LVN/PT to RN, RN to BSN)

Shelba Durston, Kymn Trujillo and Dean Alin Ciochina
Topic: Work Experience/Internship/Apprenticeship Program

Hope to see you there!! Spread the word.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Graduation dress

Anyone still in need of a dress for graduation. I have a two piece dress. Sleeveless with a jacket. Very nice. Size 10. New, but cant be returned since I waited to long. Paid $54.98 + shipping and tax. Make me an offer.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Anyone hear from the board yet?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Dear graduating students and faculty

The yearbook is completed....and it is beautiful! The yearbook team, did an incredible will all be very happy. Thank you very much to Tami M, Patty P, Michelle M, Lindsay R, and girls will be in my heart forever!!! (Tami, I put all the names here yes?)

We have been given a special blessing from Mark at Stockton Blue (modesto office) he has given us the biggest deal on our 50 page full color yearbook:

The cost for the yearbook will be $25.00

This includes the printing, binding, delivery, supplies and a dollar from each yearbook will be donated as a legacy donation from our class to the graduating class of December 2007 to help pay for their flowers, or yearbook supplies....we will leave with a tone of leadership, professionalism, and most of all we will check out in style!

You are all incredible, kind, special people all bundled up together in this beautiful yearbook. And what a deal!

Money orders or cash please to Tami M or Christine will be given a reciept, hold on to it please. NO CHECKS. Money orders made payable to Christine Moles


************ If you are an instructor or staff member and you would like a book, please send me an email so that I can put one aside for you, you can leave a check for me in an envelope in the nursing office.

Speakers for graduation were voted on and are as follows:
Welcome speaker:
April Cooley

Reflection speaker:
Christine Moles

Pledge leader:
Robyn Deyoung

Conclusions and thank you:
Mary Allice
******Mary Alice, please call me I need to talk to you. Thanks! 547-0460

Friends, please do not forget to bring your washed/folded blue's to pinning practice to donate to the nursing student's closet. You can also donate your white scrub jackets with the patch on them as well if you would like. And don't forget Shelba needs $10.00 from each of you for your plant, due at practice.

ok, I think that's it..............oh.....only 19 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Preceptors...Who were the good ones?

Hello again!

If you guys had a great experience with your preceptor I would like to know who they were and what you liked about him/her! Most of my experience had been at Dameron and one stint at Lodi so I haven't been exposed to many of the possible candidates. I've heard of a few, but I would appreciate any guidance you could share with me. It would be a great help. Thanks for anything you can provide!

Hey guys...if anyone is interested.....

My cousin is an RN in LA, she did a summer youth camp last year, she was the camp nurse...and she loved it.

There are so many oppurtunites for camp nurse, if you are interested here's the link...I am thinking about doing one this summer, before I start working in the hospital.

CampStaff - Summer Camp Jobs for Counselors and Staff: A Searchable Directory

Recommendations for 4th semester ???

Hey guys,

Could you share your thoughts with me regarding the schedules you've chosen for 4th semester and what you thought worked out well and what didn't? Just curious. I'd appreciate any input you guys could share with me! Thanks and my early congrats to you guys!

Harrison (3rd semester)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Save the Date - Info filled SNA mtg!!

SNA Meeting May 14th @ 1:00-2:00pm Locke 314

Last meeting of Spring 2007.
Rootbeer Floats and Much Needed Info!

Special Guest Speakers:
Rocky La Jeunesse, Guidance and Counseling
Topic: Requirements for Transfer (LVN/PT to RN, RN to BSN)

Shelba Durston, Kymn Trujillo and Dean Alin Ciochina
Topic: Work Experience/Internship/Apprenticeship Program

Anyone interested in getting units for working while in school or gearing towards furthering your education should not miss this meeting – see you there!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

From Mrs. Azevedo- CSU BSN Program

Hey...spread the word...Dr. Paula LaVec will talk with you guys Mon. at
0800 re the CSU Stanilaus BSN program. I understand they have a new 1 year
(I think) BSN program. TAz

(This Monday, April 30th at the N9 classroom location)

Friday, April 27, 2007

Grad pictures

I need an email address to send pictures to, can you post the address?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hey guys...

Caps will not be in until about a week before graduation.

Pins are in the bookstore, you go to the customer service desk, you will get an order form, fill out, take to register, pay and give copy of reciept to nursing office. The pin is 58.95

Cost of yearbooks will be out within this week, keep an eye on your delta emails for info.

You get 10 free invites, they are in the nursing must sign them out to get them.

Any other q's..Ill do my best to answer, you can email me at

Take care...almost there guys!!!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Caps, Pins, and invitations

OK, can't seem to find anybody who knows anything about anything.... hmmmm. I guess we're getting ready to graduate :)
So, does anybody know When our caps come in? when we get the invitations to send out? When & how we order our pins?
I think that if I can take care of those details I may actually believe I might be graduating.... if not then it's a fabulous distraction !

Free Countdown Clocks at

Kaplan @ Delta

Can someone give me some info about it?
Is it too late?
How much is it?
How do I sign up if it's not too late?


I know this is kinda last minute...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sutter Health invites you to our upcoming Nursing and Allied Health events. New Grads are welcome to attend. We have openings for RNs, Respiratory Therapists, Radiological Technologists, Occupational Therapists, Pharmacists, Physical Therapists, and Clinical Lab Scientists

Bay Area:
Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2007
Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: Hilton Garden InnBallroom
1800 Powell Street, Emeryville, CA 94608

Date: Thursday, May 3, 2007
Time: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: Lion’s Gate HotelBallroom
3410 Westover Street, McClellan, CA 95652

• Meet Our Managers
• Ask us about our New Grad Training Programs
• Refreshments Provided
• Educational Offerings by Samuel Merritt College

Sutter Health is accepting RSVP’s up until the day of our upcoming Nursing and Allied Health events. Please RSVP for the event by calling: Call (916) 286-6630 or emailing Please mention you heard about the event through AfterCollege. Also feel free to forward this email to any friends you feel may be interested.

Also feel free to send along this message to your classmates.

Participating facilities include: Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, California Pacific Medical Center, Eden Medical Center, Marin General Hospital, Mills-Peninsula Health Services, Novato Community Hospital, Samuel Merritt College, Sutter Amador Hospital, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, Sutter Davis Hospital, Sutter Medical Center Sacramento, Sutter Regional Medical Foundation, Sutter Roseville Medical Center, Sutter Solano Medical Center, Sutter VNA & Hospice, California Pacific Medical Center, Eden Medical Center, Memorial Hospital Los Banos, Memorial Medical Center Modesto, Samuel Merritt College, Sutter Amador Hospital, Sutter Auburn Faith Hospital, Sutter Coast Hospital, Sutter Davis Hospital, Sutter Gould Medical Foundation, Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento, Sutter Medical Foundation, Sutter Regional Medical Foundation, Sutter Roseville Medical Center, Sutter Tracy Community Hospital, Sutter VNA & Hospice

If you cannot attend the career fairs, but you’re interested in opportunities with Sutter Health, please visit:

Saturday, April 21, 2007

So funny

check this out, click on the samples.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Snapfish: Share Interstitial:Registration

click this link to review pictures. As per Cher these are just preliminary pictures, not all will be included. Please email all past and current pictures. If you see that someone is missing, please either retrieve some pictures of that person as you are still in clinicals, or ask that person to submit some to Cher. A final slide show will be completed with the list of students, and it will be assured that each and every one of you will be represented into the slide show.

Again, this is not the final slide show. Cher will let you all know when it is completed.

Get those pictures in, as soon as you can, so she can get this done please.

Thank you

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Give blood for your club!

Here's the deal. If a student club can get 20 folk to donate blood then they are eligible to receive $300. SNA could put that $$ to good use helping YOU with information, activities and scholarships. YOU get to help your community by providing lifesaving blood.

Details:Wednesday 4/16..... 9am-230pm in Upper Danner Hall - need photo ID with date of birth on it to donate; to save time call Barbara Barroga @ 209-954-5100 to sign up. Please identify yourself as an SNA member/supporter.

Please respond here if you can attend and donate. Many of us will be in clinicals that day and unable to attend, but pass the word and let's see if we can get a mass o' nursing talent there to support SNA and the Blood Bank!

Friday, April 13, 2007

N10 Journal Help

Hey all!
I remember someone mentioning something about a list of community resources on the semester before ours blog...
Is that true?
If so does anyone know how to find it?
I've looked but I'm not having any luck!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Job Opportunity

Mrs Batson forwarded this info to me so that I can let y'all know about it:

Part-time jobs are available with the Census Bureau.
Flexible hours $12.25-$14.oo/hour in the San Joaquin area.
Contact: Jennie Rillamas cell # 604-4788

Sunday, April 08, 2007

SNA Meeting reminder, Spread the Word...

SNA Meeting April 9, 2007
1:00 in Locke 314

Come join your fellow nursing/health students for snacks, raffles and prizes, and most of all, info about the SNA. Also find out the benefits of being an officer, leadership scholarships and more.

Don't forget, we need officers for President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and ICC Representative. Description of duties listed below, if you are interested or know someone who is, please attend the meeting.

Elections for Officer Positions:
President: Oversees club activities, responsible for meeting agendas, representative of SNA at monthly faculty meetings, responsible for active club status with Student Activities, and delegation of other officers as needed.
Vice President: Supports President in planning and implementing ideas and club events.
Secretary: Makes and posts flyers for meetings, takes notes at meetings and formats minutes to be distributed at the next meeting.
Treasurer: Keeps financial records, makes deposits and payment requests for club events, manages inventory and ordering.
ICC Representative: Represents the SNA at the mandatory InterClub Council (ICC) meetings two Thursdays a month or as scheduled by Student Activities; this can be done by rotation of SNA members but MUST BE DONE or we cannot continue our Association.

Hope to see you there!! Spread the word.

Friday, April 06, 2007


Hi guys,
I got this email from Sally and wanted to pass it along. If your address is different from what you put in the registration form, I suggest that you call them now.

Admission letters will be sent out to everyone during the first week in May. Please look out for them. If anyone does not get their letter by May 16th, or has moved, please have them call us immediately at 800-345-PASS.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nurses' Night at AT&T Park - - Giants vs. New York Mets

Nurses' Night at AT&T Park - - Giants vs. New York Mets

Contact: RAF RAMOS (925) 726-9578

Monday, May 7th, 2007
7:15 p.m.

Join the Bay Area Nursing Community for Nurses' Night at AT&T Park - - - Giants vs. New York Mets

Visit for more informaiton. Contact Diane McDermott with questions or for late orders (415) 972-2241. Be sure to specify your school name so that your local CNSA chapter receives funding dollars for the tickets.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Hi all

So who is doing the speeches???

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hey ladies and gents, our next SNA meeting will be Monday, April 9th at 1:00 in Locke 314. Please be sure to attend, we have lots of exciting info for you. We also need officers for the next election for SNA leaders. If you are interested or know someone who is, please attend the meeting. Just an FYI, the SNA meetings are for all students: ADN, LVN, Psych Tech, and those who are taking prerequesites. Support you fellow nursing/health students. A reminder with more info to follow as the meeting approaches. Thanks in advance.Sandra Hardy